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Hi, My name is Thomas Penwell and I live and work in Great Falls, MT

I am a freelance website developer and database designer. I also can provide website, email, or MySQL hosting to any business or individual that may need it. I work with a few different programming languages: HTML/CSS, MySQL, Visual Basic, PERL, and to a limited extend, Javascript. HTML and CSS is of course used to format websites. MySQL is a database engine that stores data that can be retrieved by a server executed language such as PERL. Javascript can be used to enhance the effects and functionality of a website. Visual Basic and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) can be used for MS Access Database or MS Excel programming. Visual Basic by itself can provide an application based interface for your site. PERL is a powerful language for string handling and widely used on websites to provide dynamic content.

My History:

I first learned how to build websites when I was in High School at Charles M. Russell High. I was the president of the computer club for 2 years I was there and actively participated in the computer club when I started high school.

After high school, I went to the MSU College of Technology here in Great Falls to learn cisco networking and MS Excel.

I then went to work for National Electronics Warranty here in Great Falls. I quickly got bored of the same old thing day after day working as a customer service representative so I decided to move to Twin Falls, ID to work for Dell computer corp as a technical support rep. I was hired on at Dell as a customer service rep. and the same old boring thing happened and I got bored with my job.

Dell then let me go without just reason and I went to work for Watco Transportation in an office setting. There I began to play around with MS Access and found out MS Access can do quite a bit more than most people ever see. My job at Watco turned out to be a temporary position that I was not told about and one day they said to go home.

I then came back to Great Falls, and decided to partner up with my best friend, Ross Bradshaw, whom had started a computer business of his own (Computer Solutions) so I then decided to start my own business doing websites and MS Access databases.

As of March 8, 2012, We are now Tom's Webdesign, LLC

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