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Android Projects.

This is our own collection of Android Applications. If you are interested in any of our projects, please contact us at (406) 788-9165.

Restaurant Order PadRelease Status: Beta!

Restaurant Order Pad is a full featured Point of Sale app for Android tablets.

This is my first project in working with the Android SDK and development tools. This is also my first project in working with the Java programming language.

This project originally started as a simple order pad app that a waiter/waitress could use for taking a customer's order at a table. As development neared completion of this idea, I decided that this would work great as a base for a full featured Point of Sale system.

System Main Features: (Full List of Features)
  • 3 Modes of operation
    • Restaurant - Ideal setup for many restaurants.
    • Retail - Turns off the order types used by restaurant mode.
    • Order Pad - Use only the original order pad functionality of the app without Point of Sale features.
  • Customer Database (Still Experimental)
    • Issue future credits
    • Look up previous customer orders
  • Use with TSP100 Series of thermal receipt printers and cash drawer
  • Kitchen Video app. (also acts as a database server for multiple terminals, database server is partially Experimental!)
  • API to integrate with our Inventory System
  • Automatic backup of database/settings daily
  • Full List of Features

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