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House Coded Solutions: Web Applications

This is our own collection of Scripted Applications all custom coded and homemade by us. These scripts are available to our clients free of charge as long as they remain our client. If you are not a client and would like to use any of these scripts, please feel free to contact us for licencing information.

TWD Feedback Management SystemRelease Status: Production Ready!

Our feedback management system makes it easy to process user feedback forms and effectively filter out spam.

We were writing a different feedback script for each client with 1 purpose in mind: To filter out spam bots! So we decided to write a generic system that we can easily deploy for our clients and our very own feedback management system is born.

The TWD Feedback Management System is a powerful yet simple solution for managing feedback from your website. It includes a number of tricks to detect spam robots. Also includes a simple keyword based spam filter. This script has an addon system that allows for custom coding without modifying the core files. (I include a spam report addon for my clients that I install this script for. This allows our clients to report spam to us so we can make the spam filtering better.)

If you would like to try out our feedback management, please contact us.
TWD Inventory SystemRelease Status: In Development/Beta!

Our Inventory system is designed to be a simple way to manage an inventory. It is not designed to be used as a Point of Sale solution.

One of our clients needed a simple web based inventory management system that has an API to allow other systems to interact with it. I couldn't find any simple solutions online so we decided to make our own system.

The TWD Inventory System is designed to be a simple solution for managing different types of inventories. This system uses an add-on framework to allow us to customize it without affecting the core system code.

We have adapted this system for a store inventory, a simple products listing page, and a realtor system.

We are currently in beta testing for this system.
MiniAlbumRelease Status: Production Ready!

MiniAlbum is a tiny script that reads the files in a directory and outputs it in a album style format.

A very simple way to create a small image gallery without the use of a database. This reads the contents of a folder and outputs it in an album style.

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