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What is TWD Feedback Manager?

Most web sites out there have some form of feedback form or contact us form where you can fill out the form and it is e-mailed to someone who then contacts you. These "form-mail" forms have 1 common problem: spam!

The TWD Feedback Manager proposes to solve the spam issue through the use of a number of different features designed to tell humans and robots apart. Once something legimate comes through, you can simply view it via the web-based admin.

The web-based admin is now mobile responsive which makes it easier to review and respond to feedback from a phone or tablet while on the go.

We are currently in beta testing, if you would like to help test it, please Fill out our feedback form to express interest.


  • Mobile Responsive Stylesheet - Easy to review feedback while on the go.
  • Spam Filters - Uses varous tricks and keyword based filters.
  • Database Driven Solution - Stores data conviently in a database for future reference
  • Email Alerts - Tells you when you have new (non-spam) feedback items to read
  • User Manager - Allow multiple users to access the system.
  • Addons - Allows custom features to be added
  • Standard Fields - Identifies standard fields and displays them above everything else.

Demo Form

Step 1: Fill out our sample feedback form!


Step 2: Read submitted feedback

Login Here!
Username: demo
Password: demo

Our sample form has a field called "phone", however you don't see it because it is hidden by use of stylesheet code. View this document's source to see the field code for it. Robots will fill out this field because it see it as "text" insead of "hidden."

Why not use a "mail-to" form or a form-mail script?

A mail-to form is dependent on the client browser having an e-mail client. A form-mail script usually filters out spam by checking the referer field which is given to the server by a real user's web browser (or a properly coded robot program.) Also, the data is sometimes hard to read.

Our solution goes beyond the referer field!

Why not use a "CAPCHA" to tell humans and robots apart?

There are many website forms and such that require you to look at an image with letters and/or numbers. These are called CAPCHA images. Most of us find these images annoying and sometimes hard to read.

We have other effective ways of telling humans and robots apart.

How is a feedback manager easier than a form-mail script?

Our feedback manager is a full-featured solution which can effectively filter out spam and automated submissions. The TWD Feedback Manager software uses a number of tricks to determine if a submission was completed by a human or if it was automated. One of the ways it achieves this is through use of "CSS hidden" fields. Spam robots know that a field type of "hidden" will always have the same value however they cannot detect fields hidden through stylesheet code. Spam robots will fill out these fields that are hidden by stylesheet code, however humans will not.

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