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What is TWD Inventory System?

The TWD Inventory system is designed to be simple, easy to use solution for a variety of inventory needs.

We are currently in closed beta testing.


  • Departments - Assign items to a department and keep track of sales by department.
  • Database Driven Solution - Stores data in a MySQL database, for easy access by a 3rd party script. (For example, to make the inventory listing available on a website.)
  • jQuery Powered Solution - Harnesses the power of jQuery to enhance the functionality of the solution.
  • One-click Updates - Edit your inventory and images with ease.
  • One-click Upload of documents and images.
  • API - Developer Application Programming Interface for full control of data if you don't have direct access to the database.
    [Developer API Reference]
  • User Manager - Allow multiple users to access the system.
  • User Defined Fields - Allows for virtually unlimited user defined fields which must be specified by creating an addon to handle all the events related to the user defined fields.
  • Addons - Allows custom features to be added without affecting the core code. Some addons we have created for this inventory system:
    • Vehicle Inventory - Allows our inventory system to be used for auto inventory. (Example)
    • Realtor - Allows our inventory system to be used for realtor inventory. Does not integrate with MLS. (Example)
    • MTG: Magic the Gathering - Modification for use as a MTG card inventory system.
    • MTG Split Screen - One click Split Screen price data.
    • Alternative Energy Systems - Allow inventory to be filtered properly for different item types and sub-types.
    • Northwest Flattanks - Custom coded pages to allow our client to make updates themselves.


Launch Demo.

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